Quality Policy

This company is committed to providing quality services and products regardless of the nature or size and to meeting the needs of all its customers by continually enhancing, reviewing & continually improving our management systems with the intention of providing our clients with the quality of service they expect from a professional organisation.

With this in mind, it is our policy to the setting and monitoring of quality objectives:

  • Commitment to work with organisations and customers to establish and maintain the highest quality standards
  • Commitment to continually improve quality performance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality of our Service and Products
  • On time Schedules and Budget
  • A Complete Safe and Professional Service
  • Attention to detail by Trained Personnel
  • Technical Support at all times
  • Commitment to Customer Service

We shall review our Business Management System through an effective internal audit, and management review process and ensure that is meets the ISO9001 standard as well as ISO14001 and ISO45001 Standards.

The Company believes strongly that responsibility for quality assurance lies closest to the point of actual delivery

All personnel are responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of this Policy which will be formally monitored by all members of Management and Supervision.

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Approval for this statement

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors

Darragh O’Brien

September 2021