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We make it our priority to understand your business and company culture.

Temporary placement

We provide a wide range of trades and labour across all industry sectors. If you need someone for a few days or perhaps you are looking for a team of candidates for a specific task, we are here to help you.

Permanent placement

We know how hard the recruitment process can be when trying to fill a permanent position as long hours are spent trying to find that ideal candidate. That’s why we have a dedicated team to ease up the Construction recruitment process ensuring all our candidates meet our client’s requirements and guidelines. We never introduce a candidate to our clients if we don’t think they are the right match or if they are unable to achieve the set standards.

Our vetting process

Besides offering a tailor made, reliable and trustworthy service we also offer extremely competitive rates for the services provided. We comply with several regulators in order to guarantee the highest standards of efficiency. If you want to access our terms of business or discuss any staff requirements contact us on 0208 9944 139 or email [email protected] Our team will more than welcome your request.

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